Video on your website

Having video on your website has many advantages. They are easy to watch for your visitors and it can be great for your search results.

Why is video so interresting?

Many people find it easier to just click, sit back and watch your video instead of having to read large ammounts of text. Also you can get more commitment by talking directly to your visitor in a video.

How can I use video on my website?

Video can be used for many purposes. You could present yourself or your company, you can get review, you can explain products or services and you can use video blog.

When you have your own video my advice is to upload this to YouTube and embed it in your website. There are some reasons to do this:

  1. You don’t use your hosting’s resources: you are using the hosting and bandwith of YouTube. Since video’s are large and use lots of space and bandwith it’s better to use YouTube.
  2. YouTube is reliable. It’s a website that is always online and very popular, so it won’t just disappear.
  3. By using YouTube you can also be found on the YouTube website, and more easily be found by Google.
  4. It’s really easy to embed a video in your WordPress website, especially since WordPress 4.0: you can just simply copy and paste the URL of the video in your text editor and WordPress turns it into a working video!
  5. Video works with any WordPress theme, and doesn’t require extra plugins.

Why is video good for search results?

Google gives high rates to video. Also, using search terms within the title, text and tags will help to get higher in the search results.

How can I use video on my website

Be different

Having your own video gives you a chance to be different than other companies since you can make it really in your own style. Visitors can really get to know you in the way you want, and you can create more commitment with your company.

Get your message across quickly

Reading text takes time, so it’s much easier for your visitors to watch a short video that says the same. When reading people can ‘scan’ your website and select what to read and what not to read, but in a video it’s easier to just let it run and watch it from the beginning till the end.

Questions / feedback?

If you have any questions about using video on your website, or have something to add or would like to give your opinion please mention it below. I would love to hear from you!

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