The solution to increasing max upload size

Have you ever had the situation you wanted to upload a large file to your website, but weren’t allowed to? I’ve encountered this many times, also for clients, and recently found a really REALLY easy, fast and free way to resolve this! Read all about it below 😉

By itself WordPress allowes you to upload files that are max 2 MB, but with the files of today this might be a little small. Imagine this: you’ve just taken a great picture with your camera or smartphone and want to upload it in full size to your website to let your visitors enjoy it. With the advanced camera’s nowadays files can easily get much larger than 2 MB in size.

Imagine another situation: you have an audio or video file you want to share only on your website. So you want to keep it away from YouTube or Vimeo. This is possible, but ofcourse these files will always be larger than the maximum allowed upload size.

The solution to increasing max upload size

As promised above: there is a really simple way to resolve this. I’ve tried many times to try and change it in the wp-config and .htaccess files, all without the desired results. So I continued searching for the best solution, and found it!

The solution is not to be found in editing the website, but extending it! There is a plugin out there called “Increase Max Upload Filesize“. This plugin is very small and does only one thing, but does it really great and instantly! As you might figure it increases the maximum size files may have when you upload them to your WordPress website.

How does it work?

After installing it from the standard new plugins function in WordPress and activating it you get a new menu item that has only one setting: the numeric value of the max file size you want. A little catch however: If you want to change the upload limit to for example 30 MB you have to set the number to 30 * 1.024.000 = 30720000.

It would have been easier if it would be possible to just enter the real MB’s and let the plugin do the math, but we have to do it ourselves.

Another little catch: there’s a plugin that seems to do the same, but doesn’t work instantly. The plugin mentioned above is created by Ashutosh Kumar.

What’s your opinion about the max upload size?

I’d like to know what your opinion is, so if you have any experience with the max upload size or this plugin, please comment below! I’m looking forward to your opinion!

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