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Having good backups is very important. For your computer, but for your website aswell! Imagine you update your website or something happens to your server. Wouldn’t it be a disaster if all your hard work would be lost? Well, good news: it’s easy to prevent this, and it’s free!

Updating your WordPress website often goes smoothly, but sometimes it can result in some problems. There can be issues with WordPress itself, the theme, plugins and translations. In the worst case scenario your website will show problems or even go totally blanc! No problem, at least when you have a good, recent and complete backup.

What to backup?

Since WordPress exists of so many files and parts, what should you actually backup? Well… everything really! Everything matters because sometimes a small plugin can create problems with other elements, or a theme doesn’t look the way it has after an update. So it’s best to backup your database, themes, plugins, translations, files, …

All this can be easily done however! There is one simple solution to have safe regular backups of your entire website for free! The plugin BackWPup does all this, and more!

Planning your backup

As mentioned above, a complete backup is important, but what if this backup is a year old. A lot will have happened on your website, and all this you miss in your backup. That’s a shame isn’t it! If you forget to create backups or think it’s all safe already this can easily happen. But it doesn’t have to!

BackWPup gives you the possibility to create backups that will be generated every day, week or month. You can even choose the date and time! This way you can be sure you always have a recent backup of your website.

Backups sent to you automatically

So, image, your backup is complete and recent, but stays on your server. What happens when the server crashes, or you can’t have access to it anymore, what then? Well, make sure the backups come your way by themselves!

BackWPup gives you the possibility to let the backups be sent to you by email, dropbox etc. This way the backup is off the server, and is on your computer, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

More jobs for backups

Backups are created in “jobs” with BackWPup, and it’s possible to make more jobs. Why would you do this? A good reason for this is for example a daily database backup, and weekly backups of everything. With multiple jobs this is easy to accomplish.

What’s your opinion about WordPress backups?

Do you backup your website? Do you do this regularly? What plugin do you use? Please comment below! I’m looking forward to your opinion!

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